My research and teaching focus on quantitative methods for analyzing psychological data. In particular, my research centers around methods for determining when a 'lack of relationship' occurs. This could involve mean equivalence, lack of correlation, negligible interaction, etc. I am also interested in robust statistical tests for mean difference, the analysis of change, multiple comparison procedures, and related topics.

Selected Recent Publications

Counsell, A., & Cribbie, R. A. (in press). Student attitudes toward learning statistics with R. Psychology Teaching Reviewhttps://psyarxiv.com/76w2p/

Farmus, L. & Cribbie, R. A. (in press). Contextualizing statistical suppression within pretest-posttest designs. The Quantitative Methods for Psychologyhttps://yorkspace.library.yorku.ca/xmlui/handle/10315/36740

Beribisky, N., Davidson, H., & Cribbie, R. A. (in press). What is the smallest meaningful association among two variables? PeerJ. https://peerj.com/articles/6853/

Counsell, A., Chalmers, R. P., & Cribbie, R. A. (in press). Comparing means under
heteroscedasticity and nonnormality: Further exploring robust means modeling. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methodshttps://psyarxiv.com/j8pha

Counsell, A., Cribbie, R. A., & Flora, D. (in press). Evaluating equivalence testing methods for measurement invariance. Multivariate Behavioral Researchhttps://psyarxiv.com/jue4a/