My research and teaching focus on quantitative methods for analyzing psychological data. In particular, my research centers around methods for determining when a 'lack of relationship' occurs. This could involve mean equivalence, lack of correlation, negligible interaction, etc. I am also interested in robust statistical tests for mean difference, the analysis of change, multiple comparison procedures, and related topics.

Selected Recent Publications

Martinez Gutierrez, N. & Cribbie, R. A. Effect sizes for equivalence testing: Incorporating the equivalence interval (in press). Methods in Psychology. https://osf.io/ut3g8/

Beribisky, N. & Cribbie, R. A. (in press). Evaluating the performance of existing and novel negligible effect statistical tests for model fit in structural equation modeling. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology. https://osf.io/gsazf/

Beribisky, N., Alter, U., & Cribbie, R. A. (in press). A multi-faceted mess: A review of statistical power analysis in psychology journal articles. Meta-Psychology. https://psyarxiv.com/3bdfu/

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