Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Udi Alter (PhD Student)
Research: Equivalence Testing, Multiplicity Control


Jake Beaumont (HBA Student)

Nataly Beribisky (MA 2018, PhD, 2023)
Research: Effect Sizes, Power Analysis, Equivalence Testing

Victoria Celio (HBA Student)
Research: Predictors of Statistics Anxiety, Distribution Shape Homogeneity

Linda Farmus (MA, 2018, PhD Student)
Research: Pre-Post Data, Statistical Suppression, Equivalence Testing

Profile photo of Dorothy Frimpong

Dorothy Frimpong (HBA Student)


Niki Imani (HBA Student)

Naomi Martinez Gutierrez (MA Student)
Research: Statistical Suppression, Equivalence Testing, Robust Statistics



Past Lab Members

Alyssa Counsell (MA, 2013, PhD, 2017)
Research: Equivalence Testing, Measurement Invariance, Robust Statistics, Teaching/Communicating Statistics
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

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Carmel Camilleri (HBA Student)
Research: Minimally Meaningful Effect Size and Preregistration

Heather Davidson (MA, 2017)
Research: Equivalence Testing,  Effect Sizes
Current Position: Psychometrician, Altus Assessments Inc., Toronto, Ontario

Jordana DeSouza (HBA Student)
Research: Multiplicity Control, Effect Sizes

Victoria Ng (MA, 2015)
Research: Equivalence Testing, Generalized Linear Models
Current Position: Senior Institutional Analyst, Market Research, York University

Constance Mara (MA, 2010; PhD, 2013)
Research: Equivalence Testing, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Mediation/Moderation
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Laura Mills (MA, 2008; PhD, 2014)
Research: Robust Statistics, Longitudinal Data Analysis
Current Position: Director of Research & Evaluation, Pine River Institute

Emily Panzarella (HBA, 2021)
Research: Effect Sizes


Note: Degrees, Dates in parentheses are those completed in my lab.